— Mount Alexander Sustainability Group

Our Story (so far)

Our History

In 2005, a group of citizens of the community, responding to a call to action from Neil and Heather Barrett, got together and declared a commitment to make an effort to combat climate change. Not seeing leadership coming from government, they felt that the lead had to be set by grassroots movements from within the community. The concept of Mt Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) was born.

A community meeting was held, funds were raised, and in 2006, MASG became a not for profit group, dedicated to action on climate change and sustainable living. MASG was to be a group where practical action would be taken and not just an advocacy group. MASG became a registered Environmental Organisation and obtained DGR (charity) status. This allowed our donors to claim their donations as a tax deduction. It was to be a member based organisation and the recruiting of members followed.

Thank you to Neil and Heather Barrett, Felicity Faris and all current and previous COM, staff, members and volunteers that have contributed to the MASG legacy.