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The Road To Zero Net

Key components

MASG, though its commitment to Zero Net Emissions by 2030, has undertaken a variety of projects and programs.  The Wararack Initiative (see below) has taken a high level view of the Zero Net Emissions target and MASG has contributed to this with Peter Brain’s Towards Net Zero – MASG Program Report

 MASG is continuing to contribute to this vision through taking direct action over many fronts. The Mt Alexander Net Zero Working Group (see below) has prepared materials to inspire and encourage, reaching out to the community with inspiring stories.

Mt Alexander Net Zero Working Group (MANZWG)

A working group formed to forward the objective of 100% renewable energy use in Mount Alexander Shire and inspire and encourage community focus by telling the stories of projects in town.

Whilst it is challenging to start such a program during the COVID-19 restrictions, there are ways that the project can start collating important information online so please assist us, in particular, to get the household survey out to as many homes in the shire as possible.

Click here to fill in the household survey

The survey will help us understand how you as the community of Mount Alexander Shire currently use energy in your homes, how you travel and use water and waste. By completing this survey you will be providing very valuable bottom-up and localised data into the Z-NET project and helping guide the Mount Alexander Shire’s transition. Please answer the questions in accordance with your ‘typical’ behaviour, rather than your behaviour during COVID-19 restrictions and only one respondee per household.

The Wararack Initiatives – the glue that connects community

A coalition formed to regenerate Mount Alexander Shire. Our goal is to collectively build resilience, equity and care for Country into our systems and culture, while transitioning our shire to zero net emissions. Wararack Initiatives – the glue that connects community

We want to hear your ideas about how we can transition into a zero net emissions shire.

A collaborative platform called OurSay is being set up in order to harvest community climate action ideas and projects. This platform will include existing projects, the ideas submitted to the Council’s Climate Change Forum late last year, and will also be open for all community members to add new ideas and vote on their priorities. We will let you know about it as soon as it is ready to go.

Hear more about it
Taryn Lane (Hepburn Znet) and Terry White (MASG) discuss the project in more detail in the latest episode of Saltgrass the podcast. Have a listen as they discuss what zero net emissions really means and how a shire like ours can get there. https://saltgrass.podbean.com/e/s2-e21-what-is-znet/